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At Café Mortel, we confront the fear of death, turning it on its head by facing this reality with stoicism and indulging it with hedonism around the dinner table. Founded by Ruby Cohen Love in 2020, our mission is to transform the narrative around death, making it relevant for our times. We offer exquisite dining experiences that encourage lively discussions, complemented by our unique tableware designed to inspire and provoke thought.


Our curated collection of memento mori—from candles to cake mixes—is crafted to inject humor and lightness into the contemplation of mortality. Each piece serves as a conversation starter, an artifact that not only enhances your space but also enriches your perspective on life. These items are truly to die for.


Drawing inspiration from the anthropological 'café mortels' initiated by Bernard Crettaz in 2004, we extend these profound discussions to our dinner parties. These events are crafted to deepen connections with the inevitable end of life, fostering a community that values every moment.


Café Mortel is more than a brand; it’s a cultural movement redefining societal views on death. Looking ahead, we plan to transform traditional cemeteries into tranquil botanical gardens and create alternative commemorative experiences such as ballets or gallery exhibitions—whatever our clients desire. Together, we have the power to shift culture.


Time is a precious commodity at Café Mortel, treasured through both our products and our conversations. Our offerings encourage you to pause and reflect on what truly matters, fostering deeper engagements with loved ones and communities. In a world that moves at breakneck speed, our carefully crafted objects and culinary creations invite a new appreciation of time.


We are forging new traditions by infusing elements of art, fashion, philosophy, and design into end-of-life celebrations. These traditions are not just observed—they are deeply felt and personal, transforming standard rites into profound experiences that honor the unique lives they commemorate.

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"In 2017, while exploring the streets of Copenhagen, I stumbled upon a vintage coat that captivated my imagination.


Displayed in my hostel room, lit by a solitary top light, it appeared more like a museum piece than just clothes. This sparked a thought: "What if, at my funeral, my most cherished possessions were showcased like exhibits at a fashion exhibition?" This vision was the seed thought of what I developed in the following years. 

The more I shared this concept, the more I realised the profound need for revamped rituals in our contemporary culture surrounding death. While many cultures embrace performative elements in their rituals, Western society often remains tied to the constraints of a commercialised funerary industry. People of all ages, health statuses, and beliefs shared a deep resonance with the idea of transforming traditional funeral ceremonies and reclaiming control over the most significant celebration of one's life.

I fell in love with the work of Bernard Crettaz and named the company after his movement. Historically, banks and insurance companies originated in coffee houses—a testament to the importance of discussions held over coffee. At Café Mortel, we extend this tradition by inviting frank conversations about mortality over the dinner table.

I've always believed that our mortality helps us realign our priorities and focus on what truly matters. With no time to waste, Café Mortel is committed to encouraging meaningful conversations that remind us of the beauty and urgency of life."

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